Department Of Mathematics

The combined Department of Mathematics and Statistics came into existence in November 1976, with the major objective of developing it to a Centre of Excellence in this region in mathematical sciences and applications and to provide facilities for training, study and research in these areas. This Department was bifurcated to form an independent Department of Mathematics on 1st January, 1996.

The Department conducts an M.Sc. Degree programme, M.Phil. Programme in Mathematics and Ph.D. programmes. The students generally take up teaching positions or opt for research or join industry. Our students find admission to Ph.D. programmes offered in various National Institutes such as IITs, IISERs, IMSc, ISI, TIFR etc. Apart from giving instruction in post graduate courses, the Department has from the very beginning taken the leadership in promoting research in mathematics and its applications, especially in this part of the country. This was realized in a two-fold way one, by guiding young researchers to do their doctoral work and two, by conducting extension programmes which will improve the instruction at the school and college levels and encourage youngsters to take up research.

Thrust areas of research are Algebra, Semi groups Theory, Stochastic Control theory, Retrial Queues, Mathematical Finance, Graph Theory, Algebraic Graph Theory,Fuzzy Mathematics, Wavelet Analysis, Operator Theory and Topology.

The department has been receiving a library grant from NBHM since 1991. The department library has about 7500 books and subscribes Indian and foreign journals, Mathscinet. The department is currently funded by DST through its FIST programme.

Also, the department has been co-ordinating the Mathematical Olympiads of NBHM –DAE since 1990 and other scholarship tests of NBHM since 2000. The OSADMS, its Alumni association has been conducting mathematics enrichment programmes for school/college students /teachers. The department has been organising conferences and workshops, both national and international, since its inception, including a Satellite Conference of the International Congress of Mathematicians in 2010.

Several renowned mathematicians, E.C.G.Sudarshan, S.R.S. Varadhan(Abel Laureate), S.G. Dani, R. Balasubramanian, C.E. Venimadhavan, Bimal Roy, Laslo Lovasz( Former President of International Mathematical Union), Jay Bagga (USA), Peter Cameron(UK), J. Nesetril(Czech), G.O.H. Katona(Hungary), John Meakin(USA) etc. have visited the department and inspired our students to take up a career in mathematics. This has resulted in our students clearing the UGC NET and NBHM tests even during their courses of study.

Since 2014, the department has joined hands with Azim Premji University and Ramanujan Mathematical Society to conduct workshops on innovative teaching practises for school teachers.